SmartSensor project started

Thanks to a subsidy of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) the start of the SmartSensor project is possible. With SmartSensor advanced and large scale sensor networks will come available. The first applications will be developed for the agricultural and water sectors, but the developed techniques have a generic setup. So with minor adjustments they are applicable for many sectors.

B-Like on the base of the Socie framework

b-like is a new project for Tizin wich aims to full fill the natural wish :

  •        Who is the one you would prefer to be
  •        Who is your example
  •        Mirroring is human
  •        Seeing = to copy

b-like aim is to facilitate sports people and sport community’s by providing an app with wich sports people can mirror themself to others (example sporters).

Guard-Litec in the media

The township Aa en Hunze in The Netherlands is proud that they together with Us developed the Guard-Litec solution. Hereby the article in the regional newspaper Dagblad vh Noorden.

Socie introduces the MijnRKK app for the Dutch Roman Catholic Churches

In handful of meetups, with over 700 parishes  represented, the new MijnRKK app was introduces. Next the already existing features of the Socie platform an extra module has been developed where members are able to manage their own personal data dat is available to the church. In doing so the RKK (Roman Catholic Church) will be compliant with the GDPR.

The app has been received very well and its seen as a go-to communication tool, by and for the younger generation of the church. Also an extra module was developed to connect the DocBase cemetery database to the app.

Guard-Mandown introduces Raising alarm on the Smartwatch

The Guard-Mandown solutions gets an update. It’s now possible to raise alarm, right from the Smartwatch. The first implementation will be on the WearOS platform, where the Huawei Watch2 has been chosen as the first device. With the smartwatch with just one press an alarm can be raised. The alarmed will know who raised the alarm and its location.