More safety for your employees. Tizin develops a mobile safety solution ‘Guard’.


Group communication for communities. Tizin develops the app ‘Socie’.

Internet of Things

Tizin develops the Internet of Things for street lights ‘ Guard Litec’.



Reliable, Innovative.

Tizin develops proven solutions that distinguish themselves on innovation in close cooperation with the customer.

Interested in one of our services regarding Safety, Communities or Internet of Things? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

About Tizin

Tizin was founded in 2007 by Tamme Minnema and started with the development of mobile software solutions. By developing software solutions for customers like Gasunie, Rabobank, DUO, UMCG and Athlon Car Lease, Tizin was able to specialise in mobile safety solutions, group communication and the Internet of Things.

Tamme Minnema,